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this page is called because it represents much of my thought since studying for a semester in sweden in the spring of 2005. this thought process has continued on down to the beginnings of my real adult life....what comes next? let's talk about it....and many other things of course.

Saturday, March 12, 2005

another entry. where are the readers?

hej no one. I continue to write here, despite any semblance of an audience. maybe someone will find this page when they browse through blogs via the "next blog" button in the top right corner of all the blogs. I do realize that my page is just a template. maybe it could be a little more creative.

take a look a look at this page.

china is simply the story of this century. the 20th belonged to the us, but the 21st century will be the chinese century. they can make 9 BILLION socks every year! do you realize that that is 1.5 socks for every human being on planet earth! wow.

simply amazing. I am an nyt nerd and proud of it. the question is, what will I do with it all?

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

better there than here?

hey, this is the blog that no one reads. I still don't know if this will change, but we shall see. I have somewhat of an interest in the situation on the korean peninsula. I find it an extremely fascinating and frightening situation. I also find it interesting that the star in the template of this blog looks strikingly similar to the star in the DPRK's flag. moving on....

I have read the book the aquariums of pyongyang which is about a north korean who spent ten years in the gulag. he later escaped to china and eventually made it to south korea. he now works as a reporter. I highly recommend the book. today I found this article about another extremely fascinating north korean defector story. I am just constantly wondering what is going to happen with china and north korea, among other hot spots.

hejdåa för nu.

Monday, March 07, 2005

the beginning of the end.

dear world,

this is the second time that I have typed this entry. this is the first official entry on my new blog though. it is entitled, because I am spending this semester in sweden. I don't really think that anyone will ever read this blog, unless I go out into the painful world of self-promotion, trying to get people to read what I have to say. why should they even do that?

imagine if I were updating this page on a powerbook computer via wi-fi in some hip cafe in seattle, san fancisco, chicago or new york city. how cool would I be then? I do hope to one day talk about important things like the eu lifting the arms embargo on china and whether or not that might destabalize the region, or how I think that flooding iran with american money and ideas would solve our problems there. that is all for now.