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this page is called because it represents much of my thought since studying for a semester in sweden in the spring of 2005. this thought process has continued on down to the beginnings of my real adult life....what comes next? let's talk about it....and many other things of course.

Thursday, June 02, 2005

well all right.

okej, I have managed to find a few readers out there! and they are both somehow connected to sweden or norway. nice. it is strange to be back, I must say. I find that I am still not completely re-americanized though. an example of this? I decided that I would much rather walk up to the library (maybe 3km, just over a mile) in the 90-degree (35C) heat instead of drive. and that's what I did, systembolaget bag to carry my books and all. nice.

I have also finally gotten a job, so that is helping me get readjusted to home. I will be working with kids this summer, which should be quite interesting. I think that I will be able to learn quite a bit from these kids this summer. I hope that I can do a good job and everything. okej, here's a picture from when I went to the ice hotel at the end of the semester. amazing. hejdå for now.

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