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this page is called because it represents much of my thought since studying for a semester in sweden in the spring of 2005. this thought process has continued on down to the beginnings of my real adult life....what comes next? let's talk about it....and many other things of course.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Some things for a Saturday

Just got back from walking to Uptown Bikes at Leland and Broadway. I carried by busted bike all the way, though it really wasn't that far. Moving around on this chilly but sunny day feels nice. I will have a fully rehabbed bike by Tuesday!

Today I have been listening to 'Watch My Feet' by 'Dude N Nem'. This song isn't even really totally my style, but it is infectious, has a cool video and is from Chicago. I also have some Caribou on, currently the song 'Yeti'. I haven't even watched that video, but it's a free place to hear the song.

I realize that it's only January 12, but I can feel the beginning of the beginning of the hints of the beginning of spring in the air. I left work at around quarter to five yesterday and not only was the sky still blue, it was a light-ish blue. The thought of more sunlight each day is not only comforting, but sustaining.

There's still so much on my mind, I don't know how to share. So instead I will try and come back in a few days with thoughts on all kinds of things.

Broadway and Leland (click to see the larger map and hit street view):

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